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Maintenance Tips

blade sharpening santafe texas d and l lawnmowerLawnmower Maintenance Tips

In addition to yearly preventative maintenance, there are some things you could do to keep your machine in top shape.

Sharpen Your Blades
Blades get dull after a season of mowing and trimming. Blade sharpening is easy and affordable. Be ready for a maintenance free season. Bring your blades to an expert.

Give it the Brush Off
Turn the engine off. With durable work gloves, take a brush to remove debris from the chassis, engine vents, wheels, discharge area, mulch catcher and rotary chamber.

Shower it with Care
Once or twice a season or after any heavy job. Let the fuel tank run dry. Hose off the wheels, blades, rotary chamber and chassis. DO NOT saturate the engine with water.

Store it Dry
At the end of the season, let the tank run dry for winter storage.

Safety Tips:

  •  NEVER put your hands near the blades, even when the machine is off!
  •  ALWAYS use thick garden gloves when touching equipment!
  •  ALWAYS remember that the engine will be hot!
  •  ALWAYS wear safety goggles to protect from flying debris!